Can Teenagers Prevent Acne?

April 23, 2020





Contrary to what you may have heard, acne is not caused by dirty skin. Acne is caused by overactive oil glands in the skin and a build-up of oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria, which leads to inflammation in pores.


Oil glands become stimulated when hormones become active during puberty, which is why people are likely to get acne in their teens. Because the tendency to develop acne is partly genetic, if other people in your family had (or have) acne, you may be more likely to develop it too.


There's no sure way to prevent acne. But these tips might help to highly reduce the number and severity of your breakouts:





Washing your skin is essential because it helps remove excess surface oils and dead skin cells that can clog your pores, but washing too much can actually cause damage by over drying your skin or irritating existing acne. The key is twice per day, at day and night times. 


Since you can not remove impurities just with your fingers tips, it is recommendable by a dermatologist to use an Hypoallergenic device that removes all the unwanted impurities.