The LUCE Lazy Eraser Pad removes any trace of makeup using only water and our amazing NanoTech fibers. The LUCE Lazy Eraser is non-toxic and reusable, it holds up to thousands of uses due to the quality and durability of the Nano Fibers and the internal foam density.  


  • One reusable makeup removal cloth will remove makeup from your face without the use of harsh chemicals.
  • Experience the soft cleansing power of Nano Fiber, which works better than bamboo cotton. 
  • Designed to fit easily in your hand, they are convenient to use. Keep one in your gym bag, overnight bag, or in your suitcase for easy and fast makeup removal.
  • Improved durability: 3X Thicker than the leading brand with reinforced bias tape edging to prevent fraying. Differing from other leading brands, we do not use inside adhesive or other elements that can harm the skin over time. We use a more dense foam to assure durability and performance. These Reusable Pads have the durability to last through thousands of uses and washes.
  •  Save money with a zero-waste lifestyle: These reusable Nano Fiber makeup removal pads are the equivalent to thousands of disposable single-use makeup wipes or cotton balls. 
  • Easy care: Toss in the washing machine, tumble dry.


Buy one. Plant one.

At LUCE Beauty our mission is simple. To provide sustainable, reusable products and to help people leave the planet better than how we found it. 

As part of that mission, we plant one tree for every LUCE Lazy Eraser purchased through our partnership with One Tree Planted. 

One Tree Planted Projects help global reforestation efforts around the world by employing local villagers to plant millions of trees every year.

LUCE Lazy Eraser Single Pad Off White

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    Love this!

    Got mine in an IPSY bag and I've loved it from the first time I used it. Leaves my skin so soft and looking like porcelain. Clean so well and my pores aren't as visible as they used to be. My makeup goes on like a dream since my skin is so smooth. Dries quickly too so I'm not worried about bacteria building up on it. I purchased a second bag for my mother in law since she tried mine and loved it too! I'll be recommending this to anyone looking to pamper themselves.

    Chloe German


    Loving it!

    I’ve been using the luce180 device for a few days now and I love it. I have very sensitive skin and this is so gentle, that I have been using it daily. It doesn’t irritate my skin like my Clarisonic does if I use it daily. Love that there are no brushes to replace comes with 14 modes and I love how my skin feels after each use.




    This blew me AWAY!!!

    I originally bout a PMD cleansing brush via Ipsy that my boyfriend had a habit of swiping so when this came up as a flash sale option I snatched it up quick! It made an awesome gift! its black, sleek and looks very elegant on a counter. My bf normally has very dry, dull skin. He also works a stressful job so he has very puffy eyes, and forgets to wash his face so had clogged pores and dead skin out the wazoo. But after a few uses of this I was FLOORED by the turn around his skin has made! His skin is soft, smooth and poreless. Even though he just washes and moisturizes his normally dry skin seems to respond better to his products. He especially used to get gross dry skin in the crevices of his nose and under his beard on his chin but this design is perfect because it allows him to easily get in the crevices of those places. His face is now so smooth and clear!! And his eye bags and shadows are far less pronounced between this and eye serum, he looks like he sleeps now! It being waterproof is a big plus since he’s able to use it in the shower. I still cannot believe how much deeper of a clean this gave him compared to him using my PMD and I am so mad I didn’t buy one for myself! I’ve been using his and the powerful degree of pulsation/clean this gives compared to that makes my PMD feel frail in comparison. There are multiple settings to get just the right amount of pulse you prefer, and my products literally melt into my face afterwards. I wish they had more colors, but either way I’m definitely going to cop one of these for myself!




    Great product!

    Thank you LUCE!

    Georgia Beck


    Amazing little tool!

    This device is great! I really feel it helps get my skin a deeper cleanse. And it has made my skin so soft after the first use! I was amazed! It feels like a mini facial, it feels great. The vibrations are good for wrinkles and I use the roller around my jawline and under my eyes. Really grateful I found this!

    Carla Estrada


    Waiting for cleanser!

    I really LOVE the anti-aging Aloe Vera Cleanser and my LUCE brush, I have been waiting for the cleanser to become available on its own, and nothing yet. :(

    Samantha Cox


    It works!

    Great product, finally I won't buy wipes anymore.

    Rebecca Lull


    Must have!

    This is a MUST HAVE!! How I have gone through without this little device! There are 5 modes of vibration to give your skin that extra clean feeling, the bristles exfoliate your skin, and the vibration penetrates your skin to break up dead skin and clogged pores! My skin has never looked better! The back of the device has little ridges that act as a face massage to allow your oils, serums, and moisturizer to absorb and the roller is GREAT! helps me so much to get that tightening effect in the morning! I target the puffy bags under my eyes every morning and it truly makes a difference!

    Kim Parshall


    I used to have a Clarisonic that I was using for 3 years and I can say that the LUCE180 cleansing brush is way better, cleans great my skin and I don't have to replace any brush heads. It shrunk my pores and gives me a consistently deep clean that has reduced any breakouts in the long term. I used to get acne cysts and now I rarely experience any blemishes at all. Overall, my complexion is even and my skin is very healthy.

    Kathlyn Weir


    My skin is SO thankful!

    I've only been using it a couple of days, but so far it's pretty awesome. it is gentle but cleans effectively with 5 different vibration options. it's exactly what I was looking for. The roller is a GREAT addition, I’ve been using it in the morning and at night after serum and it is excellent at de-puffing my under eyes as well as tightening my pores. I also find it wonderful to use it on my neck.

    Andrea Deleon


    LOVE it!

    I love my new LUCE Dermal Definer tool! I love to use it in the mornings when my face is puffy and before going to bed. It really helps to sculpt and deep clean my face. Tip: Use it while in the shower!

    Mila Black


    Best purchase!

    I have noticed a reduction in puffiness and always see instant definition in my cheeks after I roll. My skin looks cleaner and my pores have diminished. Couldn't recommend it enough!