The LUCE Dermal Definer is a mini facial toner & cleansing brush. Two actions in one which leaves you with a cleaner, healthier, and younger looking skin in just a few minutes a day. Your skin will feel smoother, firmer, and happier after every use. The unique design uses a specific angle to perfectly fit the contour of any face and it has a tightener effect to add definition along the jawline for a visibly lifted and sculpted look.  

LUCE Dermal Definer, Anti-Aging Facial Cleansing + Roller

Color: Burgundy
  • The LUCE Dermal Definer device has soft, medical-grade silicone massage points that clean themselves each time you use it.  

    This full-face brush massager renews your skin elasticity, shrinks pores, reduces eye puffiness, and increases the effectiveness of oils, serums, and lotions. The micro-pulses at 7,000 beats per minute helps to remove dirt and impurities, and it works for all skin types without any irritation.

     Included:  Manual of operation, USB cable, dust bag, and authenticity card.

11 Ratings


Ana Young


Great purchase

The roller definitely helps reduce puffiness and the brush leaves my skin very soft to the touch. Really love it

Yenci Lam


Love love love this tool. I didn't know I needed it until I took a chance and bought myself one.

Catherine Long


Love the brush, I am using it every day. The roller feels very relaxing and I have noticed my jaw to be much tighter.

Jennifer Carter


Is one of my fav tools, 2 actions in one! With a good face gel and moisturizer leave my skin so soft

Ada Wilson



Love this. I am using the roller and the brush while taking a shower. It is the best moment for me, my skin is looking great already. Those vibrations plus the roller do the trick!




I added this to my skincare routine. I love it! I can tell the difference my skin feels much softer after I use the brush and when I use the roller with moisturizer my face feels and looks great, I have started to notice a natural glow.

Logan Baker


I need a coupon

Just bought it from FFF and I am already in love. My mom and my sister need a discount coupon, please. Thank you!




I've been using my LUCE180 facial brush for 3 weeks and I can already tell that my face is smoother and cleaner. At first, I was skeptical about the 14 speeds, I didn't think that it was going to be enough power, but it proved me wrong. It really is a powerful brush but at the same time gentle to my skin. When I get done using it I love the feel of my face being clean!

Celia Rusell


Great purchase

Great product, no more expensive wipes. Using them for over a month and they look brand new. Easy to clean, super soft to the touch. Thank you! 

Vicky S.


Recommend it

I love using this facial brush and roller! Not only does it feel amazing, but I do think it does great things for my face! I feel that it helps blood circulation, deep cleaning my pores, and definitely depuff my face, eyes in particular. When I have a headache, I roll/massage my temples it diminishes so quickly. I also use the roller all around my jawline. Great purchase.

Janice Olsen


Love it!

This little tool makes a big difference! I bought it not as much to make my skin look and feel better. I have used it non-stop since I bought it. I have noticed less puffiness, my face feeling clearer and lighter if that makes sense. My 10-year-old daughter saw me using it and asked to use it, and even she was impressed and loved the way how the vibration massages her face! It is a combo tool, brush + roller. Love it!





I was looking to buy a facial brush and a friend told me about LUCE. I bought the LUCE Dermal Definer, a great tool for deep cleansing and boost collagen. The brush is absolutely great, my skin is much cleaner from day one! The roller helps maintains healthy blood circulation. It can reduce puffiness, wrinkles and also improve the elasticity of my skin. I use the roller under my eyes, on my forehead, nose, lips, chin. It's part of my daily routine, and look forward to it every day!